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COP28 Collection – Dan Yates, Protect our Winters

With COP28 climate negotiations starting this week, we asked leading figures in the Blue Earth community to share their hopes and expectations for COP28 outcomes. 

Dan Yates is Head of Partnerships for Protect our Winters, an organisation that leverages outdoor enthusiasts, brands, athletes and ambassadors to protect our natural playgrounds.

Dan shares here what keeps him optimistic about the future of the climate movement.

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Dan Yates, Director of Partnerships and Initiatives Europe, Protect our Winters

Are you going to COP28?

We are not attending as an organisation but several of our staff and members will be there as part of their wider climate work. For instance, Dr Heidi Sevestre, glaciologist and Protect Our Winters Europe Executive Board member will attend as part of the ICCI (International Cryosphere Climate Initiative) delegation. Heidi will be holding a hybrid event for POW from within the Blue Zone, featuring POW athletes and brand alliance members.


We won’t attend as an organisation as we believe the impact we could achieve at COP in person does not balance the high financial and carbon cost of travelling to Dubai.

What are your hopes for COP28?

A restatement of commitment to meeting the Paris agreement, and NDCs delivered that match that ambition in committed action. Or, in better language, less bullshit more action. 

What are the biggest challenges to these hopes being realised?

As always the fossil fuel lobby will be present, continuing subsidisation of fossil fuels is the largest blocker to enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

What’s your single message to the global business community during COP28 and beyond?

Commitments to improving sustainability are no longer enough, just doing less harm doesn’t cut it anymore. Businesses must become political, and advocate for change above and beyond their own supply chain.

What keeps you optimistic about the global climate movement?

The passion and drive of young people, to take to the streets, to push for change in their places of work, to become politically active. It feels like the future is in good hands. 

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