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Day 1 Keynote: Jacqui Wilmshurst MSc PhD CPsychol LCGI

A risk psychologist with an appetite for living her work, Jacqui has travelled the world and worked across a diverse range of industries in her quest to better understand human minds and behaviour.

She started her career as an Officer in the British Army, serving in the UK, Germany, the Balkans and Northern Ireland. Her service focused on leadership development and crisis operations, and she also went on to train as a helicopter pilot.

After leaving military service Jacqui retrained as an applied psychologist, specialising in environmental risk and personal and community resilience, for which she is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society.

Her research took her from flood risk areas in the UK, to hurricane risk in Belize and tornado risk in the US. She then moved onto volcanic hazards, focusing primarily on active volcanoes in Colombia and Ecuador.

For the past decade, Jacqui has been working as a consultant in the psychology of risk management and resilience across a range of professional sectors including; humanitarian aid, news media, social media, professional services, banking and finance, public services and emergency services. She has supported and trained professionals to understand risk perception and communication, resilience and behaviour change in the UK, US, Russia, Kenya, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and India. She is a guest lecturer at the Universities of Hull and Manchester and speaks regularly at conferences and events.

In her ‘spare’ time she runs a small wildlife rescue from her home in East Yorkshire, focusing on the corvid family, and has recently embarked on studying the psychology of non-humans too.

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