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Days Brewing Co bring good days and good tomorrows to the Blue Earth Summit

Life is for living, so we’ve got to get outdoors and make the most of it, whether it be for exercise or good old fashioned fun. There’s a catch though isn’t there… Time is precious in this modern world and whether it be mountains, waves or anything in between, it usually takes an early morning alarm clock to kick start the journey – not normally the ideal companion to a night on the beers!

The core ethos of the Blue Earth Summit is to inspire people to get outdoors, to be healthy and to live more sustainably. So where does beer fit into that you ask? Well, Days Brewing Co have crafted a beer to help you do more with your life, no matter what time your alarm clock goes off the next day, making them the ideal fit as partners of the event.

They believe that your Days define you and that great tasting beer can work with us, not against us, offering all of the refreshment, great flavour and beer moments whilst helping us to do more with our Days, not less.

Days are proud to be alcohol free, a new breed of non-alcoholic beer brewed for people who want to do more. More with their bodies, more with their minds, more with their days, more with their lives. It’s 100% beer with 0% alcohol – brewed for good times, good days and good tomorrows.

Proudly born, raised and brewed in Scotland and crafted with precision, they’ve developed a unique process that’s specifically designed to never produce alcohol. This protects all of the flavour and integrity of the ingredients without the need to use heat treatment or other techniques which remove alcohol. And it means every Days is authentically 0.0%.

Find out more about the Days ethos by checking out their ‘Doing-Journal’, and ‘The Doing Effect’ podcast, hosted by Great Britain Rugby 7s player and Olympic Silver Medalist Tom Mitchell. It dives into the mindsets of a range of everyday people doing extraordinary things. Meeting founders, athletes, adventurers and activists and exploring their shared commitment to having a positive impact and making the most of their time.


Days Duty is their initiative to give 2% of all sales to organisations that empower fresh thinking towards mental health. Mirroring the Duty that alcohol companies pay the government as tax.

Days want to help open up the conversation around alcohol and the mental and physical well being of people. It’s a fundamental part of their mission to help people lead happier, healthier lives – with every Days sold having a positive impact.

Running, riding, making, moving, shaking, working, playing, starting, finishing… Days is brewed to pair with you and your lifestyle. Life is for living and Days is beer for doing.


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Blue Earth runs industry leading impact events. Inspired by the great outdoors, we are a movement of people on a mission to transform the way the world works. A forum for reimagined futures. A Summit to find solutions that regenerate our natural world.

We draw inspiration from time spent in the great outdoors. Our agenda is one that backs business to deliver positive change for people and planet. We are forward thinking and optimistic. We welcome solutionists. We are a platform for the future where people, planet and profit work together. A reimagined future where everything thrives and no one gets left behind.

We are on a mission to transform the way the world works. To reach our goals, we must work across industries to reduce our collective impact. This transformative approach is good for business and it's essential for our planet.

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