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Greenwashing and Grey Areas: A Sophisticated Problem

It’s pretty obvious that companies and organisations have huge power and responsibility to improve the state of our world. This panel discusses the myriad issues and complexity around organisations trying to do the right thing for people and planet, the pitfalls and how to avoid greenwashing and signing up to worthless vs worthwhile schemes.

Is the green movement just another money making marketing exercise? How do we sift fact from fiction with more and more providers springing up in this space? Is the fear of getting it wrong paralysing companies from acting? Is it a black and white or more nuanced picture?

Exactly how do you go about navigating the minefield and avoiding the pitfalls. Clarifying carbon calculators and carbon off-setting and understanding how meaningful this is. Are trees really the best option, what are the repercussions of rewilding in certain communities such as the Highlands of Scotland (ref The Cull)?  What other options are there for companies to have an impact and how do they measure this.

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