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Introducing Xavier Baker, Co-founder of Mermaid Gin and new BES Partners

Introducing Mermaid Gin

Mermaid Gin are on a mission to produce premium spirits in a sustainable, community-minded way using ethical ingredients. Their want to inspire a reconnection with nature whilst considering the well-being of our planet mirrors the values of the Blue Earth Summit, making them a perfect partner for 2022.

We’re also proud to launch our latest Blue Earth Summit podcast with Xavier Baker, Co-founder of the Isle of Wight Distillery and the brains behind the distinctive, refreshing taste of Mermaid Gin.

What is your brand’s purpose and what inspired that?

Rooted in the natural landscape of a unique island, at the Isle of Wight Distillery we create premium, hand-crafted spirits, working in connection with nature. Our flagship brand, Mermaid, exists to inspire reconnection with nature, working alongside and in balance with it – and it’s also the perfect refresher for sundowner sessions! Ingredients are ethically sourced or wild-foraged, and our spirits are inspired by the ocean and island’s natural elements. We proactively strive to protect the environment, presenting Mermaid plastic-free and supporting seagrass meadow restoration projects locally and overseas. From working with suppliers to produce pioneering, biodegradable bottle seals, to reducing our carbon footprint, we’re dedicated to making positive change and transparent in sharing this with our community and the industry.

Why would you say the Blue Earth Summit is relevant to you?

We attended the BES last year and were blown away by the likeminded individuals and businesses working towards real, sustainable change. We believe it’s possible to create outstanding products without compromise on style or quality, while minimising impact on the planet. To protect the planet for generations to come, we need to be radical in our approach, we need to share our wins (and our losses) and we need to collaborate with other change-makers.  We’re determined to be a force for good, and uniting with likeminded organisations fuels our passion for protecting the natural world.

Introducing Xavier Baker, Isle of Wight Distillery Co-founder

Raised on the beautiful Isle of Wight, Xavier Baker started distilling drinks at the tender age of 17. Before he could even legally drink his creations himself, he was experimenting with natural ingredients found along his local coastlines, encompassing a hint of sea air in every bottle.

Co-founding the Isle of Wight Distillery, Xavier was adamant that the company would do all that it could to help protect the oceans and beaches he had grown up enjoying. From spending months brainstorming with designers to produce plastic-free bottles to supporting eco projects, the company are on a mission to inspire a reconnection with nature whilst protecting the environment.

With the business going from strength to strength, Xavier now has his sights set on rowing across the Atlantic in a bid to support ocean charities close to his heart.

We caught up with Xav to talk about his epic upcoming rowing challenge, as well as discuss the trials and tribulations involved in achieving a fully sustainable gin distillery.


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