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COP28 Collection – Nadia Owusu, Youth Advocate for Climate in Ghana

With COP28 climate negotiations starting this week, we asked leading figures in the Blue Earth community to share their hopes and expectations for COP28.

Nadia is a youth advocate working collaboratively with youth leaders at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and climate action in Ghana. As an avid preacher for a sustainable Africa, she believes in intergenerational collaboration and shares thoughts on how COP outcomes might work for the African continent. 

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Nadia Owusu, Youth Advocate for Climate in Ghana

Are you going to COP28?

Yes, I will be at the 1st week of  COP28


As a believer of equal and inclusive participation, even though I disagree with how this year’s COP28 is taking shape, I am still attending to show support and represent marginalized and underrepresented groups – children, girls, women, migrants and persons identifying with LGBTQIA+ communities. I will also be attending this COP with brilliant high school students from Ghana to showcase their sustainable and tech-driven climate solutions.

What are your hopes for COP28?

 I have one aim for this COP28, last year’s COP being tagged as an action COP and Africa COP, what progress has been made so far in terms of climate financing for the African continent not only the statistics but also the impact? I am also hoping this COP, is as inclusive and it delivers on all climate ambitions.

What are the biggest challenges to these hopes being realised? 

Systemic barriers have always limited participation at COP, limited climate financing being released to global south countries and countries affected by climate change the most. 

What’s your single message to the global business community during COP28 and beyond? 

Whatever negotiations, lobbying that you find yourself in, remember the reason why we are all at COP – to tackle climate action and to preserve the planet for ourselves and the generation yet to come.

What keeps you optimistic about the global climate movement? 

The biggest stakeholders who don’t get the needed audience at climate conferences but are contributing relentlessly – children and youth will always give me a reason to be optimistic about the global climate movement.

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