The summit is about action; we all have to learn how to act better.

Lockdown. That period of time that now feels like a click of Thanos’s finger. A screen-filled, digitally-loaded, which-room-shall-I-use-now, totally weird couple of years with a few breaks. We acted, but only to voice our pent-up desires to either leave a situation or job we could see very clearly for what it was or learn something we had a long-held need to do. Worked if we were lucky or critical. And exercised a lot. Mostly.

We heard and watched a vast amount of business-related content too. Keynotes, webinars, how to videos, conferences with virtual exhibition halls and gamified swag bag hunts. Do we want to sit listening again? Well yes, as long as the voice is vital and strong, which is why the likes of Sir Tim Smit and Kresse Wesling CBE return with their radical wisdom. Why ambassadors Phil Young and Kate Larsen can illuminate us on the challenges of representation and supply chains.

Most importantly, we want to learn how to act better. Our focus has to be thus. Time is not our friend and if the pandemic has one lesson, it’s that the future is not certain. The data shows us a likely path and probable scenarios, we have to be proactive and do things that can make the best of those futures.

Every one of us has got an ability, however small, to put their shoulder to the wheel to drive the change that we so desperately need.

Mike Barry, keynote speaker

The speaker programme, panels and workshops are therefore chock-full of actionable insight. People with the tools to light your way and involve you in the journey getting all of us and our organisations and systems to a place where we can genuinely make lasting impact and change.

A preview of our programme can be found here, which is available as an overview for now both online and as a download. Decide which day to come or which sessions to land on throughout your 3 day visit. It’s yours to colour in as well as spending quality time with those sharing that knowledge. And you can share your’s with them too.

We will launch a full programme in September, ready for three life-affirming days in October.

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