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Summit Theme spotlight: Purpose-Led Business

“The climate crisis, the pollution crisis, the social crisis can only be solved by a radical shift in business.” Mike Barry

The themes coming out of COP last year were quite damning. We cannot rely on government and political process to solve our most pressing issue of modern times. Indigenous leaders and groups must be listened to, and respected. The younger generation are not going to put up with inaction any longer.

Businesses and whole industries have to step up in a BIG way. Blue Earth is a reaction to this need and riding a swell that started from our spiritual home in the SW of England which also hosted the G7 last year. This is why Purpose-Led Business is a core theme this year, and why the Pitch Tent is a big part of the summit.

We take inspiration from everywhere, and everyone, who respects and protects our outdoor spaces; who work in purpose-led environments that care for their teams and the impact they have on the world around them. Here are a just some of those highlights, whether involved in next month’s summit in Bristol or making waves elsewhere.

Mike Barry is speaking at Blue Earth and is prolific in his positive approach to business. Hear him on our podcast.

We try and stay away from politics but a prominent, purpose-led business like Iceland, who acknowledges imperfections and attempts to solve universal food sourcing and provision, cannot avoid it. Richard Walker is taking these issues full-on and pushing our leaders to do likewise. Check in with him at Blue Earth.

There are a number of great purpose-led businesses supporting Blue Earth Summit, from the likes of Finisterre to Ecosia to the charities involved like She Changes Climate working with a range of businesses and female-led orgs.

Finisterre’s Foundation is a recent evolution of this great brand movement and if not already, please sign up to their great Sunday newsletter.

“At the same time, I wanted to push innovation and product development in an industry that I felt was lacking. So I set about building a brand that would address this need, making innovative product built for purpose that would last. I wanted the brand to be committed to a better way of manufacturing, both in the fabrics we use and the manufacturers we choose to work with, seeking alternatives to what has gone before wherever possible. Then share this with our customers through an honest and open brand narrative.” Tom Kay, Finisterre founder

Another partner of the summit is Ecosia, who are disrupting the search engine game, taking the ad-driven model and making our billions of searches work for the planet.

“If everyone used us [Ecosia] instead of Google we could plant 300 billion trees a year.” Ecosia founder Christian Kroll

Our summit themes are universal and interwoven, impossible to separate from each other and define our species into one inexorable position: we must protect our home.


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