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Talking Planet-Centric Design with Impossible

‘To create long-term change, we consider humanity and the planet from a systemic and social perspective‘.

Who Are Impossible?

Impossible is a startup studio reimagining sustainability from a product innovation perspective, envisioning a future with healthier people, communities and planet. In order to achieve this, they operate as a purpose-driven enterprise, reinvesting back into human development as well as launching and supporting startup businesses.

Impossible have created a set of tools to help restore the balance and drive change in businesses and society as a whole. By mixing and matching their toolkit they’re able to adapt to the needs of each of their projects, creating a unique approach to the proposed problem.

Having been awarded B Corp status, Impossible are meeting the highest standards of performance, actively demonstrating their dedication to running a socially and environmentally sustainable business.

‘We look ahead, we have points of view, we take risks and challenge the status quo.’ says founder, Kwame Ferreira.

Image: Impossible

One such project that Impossible have developed using their methodology is BondTouch, a pair of wearable bracelets that allow couples, family members or friends to send each other ‘touches’ wherever they are in the world. Impossible are now scaling up the positive impact of the business beyond the individual to the wider community and society as a whole. This includes aligning the sustainable development goals of the business and turning them into actionable goals affecting the planet.

The business was then shifted to a planet-centric value proposition and purpose, identifying tangible planetary goals around product, service and engagement. These included providing support and education in building and maintaining healthy and balanced relationships, to see a world connected by healthier, happier relationships with a mission to touch hearts and enrich connections between people.

Planet-Centric Design: Reimagining Sustainability

What is this workshop about?

It is becoming alarmingly clear that putting humans at the centre of our design process has taken us down a selfish and destructive path. We need to reset our relationship with the planet by recognising that we are part of a network of mutual action and impact, with vast implications for the planet and its inhabitants. Our immense capacity for imagination, invention, and design can help.

Planet Centric Design is a methodology for designing products, services and ways of working that enhance real environmental, social and economic sustainability. We call this planetary value. 

In this workshop, you will get a taste of this methodology, by testing some of our tools, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to create business propositions that positively impact people and the planet.

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