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A really thought provoking, invigorating conference. I have come away from it having met some truly inspiring people.

James Goodwin

I met some truly fantastic people at Blue Earth Summit. What a collection of people, motivated towards the same goals. Inspiring, encouraging & powerful!

John Blackburn - The Why Axis

Calling all conference organisers. If you’re thinking of putting something on, forget using the word delegates and housing it in some stuffy conference hall, do something mega like the guys did at the Blue Earth Summit. We’ve had a stonker.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

“I wish all conferences were like this, innovation, collaboration, shared visions. With great keynote speakers, talks on healthy minds, adventure, wildlife, supply chain, sustainability and the change needed from all of us.

Steve Trethowan - Flexi-Hex

Genuinely blown away by the fantastic range of businesses and individuals there – all committed to protecting the planet whilst championing a healthier outlook on life.

Mike Gammell - Days Brewing

So inspired by all the speakers and panels to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainability and how to better protect our planet.

Bella Collins - Flexi-Hex

It’s been a brilliant couple of days at the Blue Earth Summit in Bristol. I wish all conferences were like this. Great speakers yesterday, made some brilliant contacts, and topped off with “experiential networking” (new favourite phrase) The Wave in Bristol. Will definitely be back again next year.

Rob Webbon - Entrepreneur Environmentalist, CEO of Presca Limited

The Blue Earth Summit certainly didn’t disappoint! Any conference that encourages you to network in the lineup at The Wave, on a run or a cycle the day after an action packed schedule of inspiring speakers at Motion Nightclub in Bristol definitely gets my vote.

So many like-minded individuals and businesses striving for radical change across social, environmental and economic issues, with a common goal of the benefits of nature.

Briony Venn - Accenture

What an incredible event the Blue Earth Summit was! Jam packed with talks, workshops, films, art, lotssssss of super awesome and inspiring folk.. and even a spot of surfing (well more like ‘falling’ for me!) at The Wave.

Sal Montgomery - Expedition Leader for BBC/ UKTV Documentaries, Professional Kayaker and Adventurer.

What a super inspirational day at Blue Earth Summit yesterday in Bristol. Congrats to all the organisers and Wavelength Magazine for such a thought provoking, immersive day. The general vibe was awesome, so many amazing people under one roof. Came away buzzing with ideas.

Charlotte Lodey - Life Coach & Speaker

A very thought provoking day at Blue Earth Summit yesterday. Far too many takeaways to mention them all. Also well done on the phenomenal team effort it must’ve taken to put on this event. Great work.

Ben Trill - Nuevo

We met other entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and inspirational speakers, who are all working hard to tackle climate change and taking genuine action towards helping the planet.

Ed Lewis-Pratt - Roarsome Ltd, t/a Dinoski

The last two days have been so inspiring at Blue Earth Summit. We have met some amazing people and companies all with the same vision to change the way we think about business to ultimately live and work more sustainably.

Will Boex - Flexi-Hex

I had an inspirational and thought provoking day at the Blue Earth Summit. Excellent panel debates followed from activists, environmentalists, explorers, film makers, marketeers, manufacturers and politicians presenting a genuinely stimulating spectrum of opinion and insight. As you would expect, there were some very sobering discussions given the times we live in, though also much to be inspired by.

Ben Carruthers - Carruthers Tanner

What a fantastic two days at Blue Earth Summit – so many excellent talks, panels and workshops about all sorts: ethical and environmental supply chains & the power and art of storytelling & media, marketing, people and policy roles in tackling greenwashing & speaking truth to power and creating disruption to the status quo & – undoubtedly my favourite panel – talking all things blue health.

As well as the usual “can I grab you for a question after your talk” opportunities, I thoroughly recommend networking whilst trail running or surfing.

Rebecca Annells - BBSRC SWBiosciences


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