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The business of the future

Becoming a B Corp certified business is a powerful way to build, trust, credibility and value.

It’s powerful because it’s based on an extensive and thorough assessment of your businesses impact on your workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

It’s here to lead you and people like you in the journey to make your business a force for good in the world. Which is why B Corp will be hosting a workshop at the Blue Earth Summit.

Andy Hawkins, a B Leader will be at the Blue Earth Summit to break down this journey and guide you through the steps needed to create the business you always dreamed of.

The journey to B Corp status is designed to be hard for a reason.

Its global business community has become the A* standard in putting profit, people and planet on equal importance in business activities. Making the B Corp certification one of the most sought after and desirable marks of sustainability and ethics a business can achieve. Learn more about B Corp at

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The Blue Earth Summit is a live event in Bristol on 13th & 14th October 2021. Curated for those who seek a more sustainable personal and professional lifestyle, one connected with nature and a deeper sense of purpose.

Day one will see a host of speakers, curated for their experiences and knowledge across sustainability, adventure, health, wellness and business. Day two is hosted at The Wave, one of Europe’s most exciting outdoor sports venues where you’ll be able to surf, cycle and trail run with like-minded peers all trying to make an impact in the world of the future.



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Blue Earth is the platform that brings individuals together based on a shared set of values, aiming to improve our world collectively. Through our distinct events — Summit, Futures, and Forum — inspired by the great outdoors, we foster meaningful connections and drive positive change.

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