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Pitch Tent: Adventure is returning to Blue Earth Summit 2023

Blue Earth Summit is inviting adventurers and explorers to pitch their inspirational and ambitious expedition ideas to a room full of sponsors and investors.

This event provides a unique platform for those with a passion for adventure to showcase their plans for an ambitious adventure that has never been attempted before.

“Being part of Pitch Tent: Adventure was incredibly humbling and empowering.

It felt great to see such enthusiasm for my adventure from people I respect and to have the opportunity to engage more in the culture of adventuring, which is pretty niche in public life. I am so grateful that this summit exists.

Amplifying voices and creating a space for like minded people is so important for any movement, and it’s great that Blue Earth Summit is at the forefront of amplifying voices that could make a big change”

Felix Daglish

How to write a stand-out application

If you’re interested in pitching your idea, all you need is a robust plan that outlines the details of your adventure. This plan should include information about the location, the goals, the challenges, and the potential outcomes of the expedition. It’s important to make sure that your plan is well-researched and detailed, as this will help you to convince us, sponsors and investors that your adventure is worth supporting.

Remember, the Pitch Tent: Adventure is all about inspiring others with your ideas and demonstrating that anything is possible with the right planning and execution. So if you’re someone who loves a challenge and is passionate about exploring new frontiers, The Pitch Tent: Adventure is the perfect opportunity to showcase your adventurous spirit.

We’ll ask you to provide answers to:

  1. What inspired your adventure?
  2. A short description of your proposed adventure.
  3. How will your adventure make a positive impact?
  4. What funding/support/equipment would you need?
  5. When would your proposed adventure start?
  6. Why is your adventure unlike any other?

Breaking down barriers

It’s always exciting to see opportunities for adventure and exploration become more accessible to all. It can be especially motivating when barriers to entry are broken down, allowing people from all backgrounds to pursue their interests and passions.

This is precisely what Pitch Tent: Adventure is about, and we extend an open invitation to anyone, regardless of their background or level of experience, by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where people can come together to share their love of exploration and adventure.

Who you'll meet at Blue Earth