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We are proud to announce Laconic as our latest key brand partner for ‘22

Laconic is an organisation with a mission to combine their expertise in technology, engineering and infrastructure with their love of the Earth. In offering bespoke policy plans to brands who share the same vision as theirs, Laconic not only ensures the economic prosperity of its partners but, as CEO Andrew Gilmour puts best, creates outcomes that we, our children and our children’s children will all be proud of. 

Their vision is simple – to shape the future of human development in a way that does not adversely affect the natural world around it. Whether pioneering intricate solutions to the problem of global waste management, monitoring the ecological degradation of our oceans or developing seminal agricultural remedies to the perils of overfarming, Laconic operates at the vanguard of an environmental resistance movement which is beginning to nip at the heels of businesses across the world. 

We cannot wait for you to meet Laconic at our 2022 Summit and introduce you to two of their pivotal members, head of global business development Mike Weeks and head of business development and communications Grace Smith, who will be involved as speakers in the summit programme. 

After a brief exchange with celebrityhood following his role coaching Jack Osbourne in the hit show Adrenaline Junkie, former professional free solo climber and lifelong adventurer Mike has dedicated the majority of the last fifteen years to his role as a coach and advisor, working with a range of individuals from elite athletes to UK special forces to frontline workers. 

Today Mike spearheads Laconic’s offices and local projects from his home in Bali, Indonesia, where he works restoring polluted rice paddies, cleaning river systems and lending his love of the outdoors to vast regenerative agriculture projects. He also has a penchant for adopting stray dogs!

Joining us as part of our panel talks, Grace is another crucial component of the Laconic team.  After studying environmental science at university, Grace has spent the majority of the last decade straddling Africa and Southeast Asia, offering her hand to everything from enforcing human rights compliance in mass-manufacturing in the Congo to developing waste management solutions in Cambodia. 

Today she can often be found in Newquay, Cornwall, where she co-runs the group Dip&Clean, a community of volunteers dedicated to the reduction and prevention of litter pollution across Britain’s seas and coastlines.

Make sure to meet the whole Laconic team on all three days of the 2022 Blue Earth Summit and share in the very best of their sector insights, anecdotes and life experiences.


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