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We’re ready for round two. Blue Earth Summit 2022, 12-13 Oct

Timing is everything and it seems this month was the perfect moment to hold the Blue Earth Summit. Whether it was the G7 hangover, COP26 in full effect or simply the fact that our various communities needed to celebrate togetherness and their great love for the outdoors after months of lockdowns and false dawns.

Whatever the reasons, it is abundantly clear that we need events like Blue Earth Summit in our lives. We did not reach some societal-wide target of percentage points or drag politicians into the firing line of public angst. We did not get splashed across the front pages as the new dawn of workplace bliss or discover the magic silver bullet to plastic pollution. These lofty goals, whilst achievable, will not happen overnight or via some individual magic of tech innovation.

What we DID achieve was unique, subtle and enormously gratifying: the bringing-together of a collection of like-minded, forward-thinking and inspirational businesses and individuals. We established that we enjoy working with a common purpose. We can collaborate. Efficiently, smartly and out in the highly positive surroundings of the great outdoors. On a wave, on a bike, via the inspiration of other great optimists and life-grabbers.

So we very happily leave it to others who came and their wonderful feedback, as we start our plans in earnest for the next 12 months and beyond.

Day 1 knocked my socks off. What an inspirational collective who believe in better business, swifter action & the power of people.


A genuine well-done to all the team at the Blue Earth Summit for their incredible event in Bristol this week. For an inaugural event, it was seamless from entry and the quality of dialogue around sustainability, collective action and related themes was mind blowing. The range of different topics, matched with the detail to learn more within each was something I haven’t seen before.


Feeling energised, hopeful and inspired after hosting the keynote stage at the inaugural Blue Earth Summit in Bristol this week.


It was such an honour to be part of the inaugural Blue Earth Summit. A fun and inspiring 2 days of innovation and collaboration with fascinating talks on healthy minds, adventure, wildlife, supply chain, sustainability and the change needed from all of us.


What an absolutely outstanding opportunity to meet some truly inspirational thought leaders, trailblazers, outdoor warriors and social and environmental justice champions. I was really starting to succumb to climate doomism and starting to feel completely helpless in the fight for our future. But hearing from some of the speakers, their mission and vision, combined with authentic and moving conversations away from the stage, has given me a real fresh sense of purpose and reminded me why I care so deeply about people and our planet. Hyper-sensitivity is my super power, and the energy I felt from being around so many like minded people was incredible. Thanks to the organisers, and thanks to the amazing attendees for bringing your true, gritty, authentic selves to such an awesome event.


I was extremely nervous going into this event on a panel thinking what do I have to say that could make a difference? But everyone was so supportive encouraging and all wanted the best for the future. I truly feel honoured to have been part of the event amongst some amazing people. I also got the opportunity to speak to the awesome people behind some incredible companies.


Loved the panel discussions around blue health and hearing more on the topic of virtual reality and inner city blue spaces from Claire Eatock (Exeter Uni) and Nick Hounsfield (The Wave). The Sidetracked photography exhibition was stunning and their storytelling through creative content panel was super interesting. The general vibe was awesome, so many amazing people under one roof. Came away buzzing with ideas.


Speaking at the Summit was a real highlight. Great to see so many leading business, sustainability, adventure and creative people striving towards a collective vision for a better world. I got the pleasure of speaking on a panel talking about greenwash and all its sophistication hosted by Lucy Siegle.


What an amazing 2 days at Blue Earth Summit, including The Wave surf session & Nick Hounsfield sharing his story of the 10 year journey bringing that vision & community to life! So many inspirational speakers including big wave legend Andrew Cotton on the power of positivity & conquering fear- really resonates in startup world too. Our team especially enjoyed the thought provoking panel discussions hosted by Lucy Siegle digging into hard hitting questions for living & working sustainably as brands & in our personal choices & action, alongside workshops with tangible steps for a young startup like us.


My kind of conference. Huge thanks to Blue Earth Summit & The Wave for a very inspiring couple of days. Fascinating discussions on sustainability, inclusivity and turning ideas to reality – as well as the chance to meet (IRL!) some incredible previous & future podcast guests too. Looking forward to next year already…


Wowsers! My brain is full to the brim and still digesting everything from the last two days! What an incredible event the Blue Earth Summit was! Jam packed with talks, workshops, films, art, lotssssss of super awesome and inspiring folk.. and even a spot of surfing (well more like ‘falling’ for me) at Bristol’s The Wave. Huge thank you to everyone involved.



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