Scientists have been warning us for decades and only until recently has there been a widespread acceptance of the fact that our home planet cannot continue to support our way of living. We have come to a pivotal crossroads where consideration of how we work and live are paramount to our futures and the futures of the generation to follow us.

A shift to a more sustainable world will require our personal and professional lives to positively, rather than negatively, impact our natural environment. 

The business of life takes inspiration from ancient culture and indigenous wisdom; we need to adapt, more likely completely reinvent, modern society as we know it.

The speaker, workshop and panel content programming at the Blue Earth Summit is designed to help attendees reshape their business and lifestyle-driven working culture. The summit exists to guide companies, individuals and teams on the journey we shall all enviable take.

At the core of these changes, internal communications and HR teams have to find new and transparent ways to incentivise and redesign current company cultures. Ones that support positive impact and employee wellbeing.

Meanwhile, specifically for communications and media agencies who are defined by the ideas they present to clients, those ideas are now 100% driven by climate action, diverse talent and sustainability. 

We have to live in harmony with our blue home. That is a non-negotiable bottom line.


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