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Daze Aghaji

Youth Climate Justice Activist

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Daze Aghaji is a London based Youth Climate Justice Activist who focuses on Regenerative Cultures, Intersectionality, Radical Social Justice and Youth Political Engagement in her work. Described by The Guardian as “a ball of energy, conviction and warmth”, Daze’s advocacy for radical systemic change has led her to work with many leading charities, institutions, governments and grassroots change-makers globally. Known best for her high profile political campaigning, she has sued her government, ran for election and lobbied institutions for meaningful change.


She is currently an Artist in Residence at Phytology, the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Artistic Environmental consultant at the Gate Theatre, Speaker as well as a Climate Justice Consultant working alongside global corporations and governments. Daze’s work is rooted in deep love, duty and care for all life; she continues to passionately organise with many grassroots campaigns and organisations for climate justice.


At just 23, Daze is a dynamic force of nature. Hailing from London, she is a climate justice activist whose advocacy for radical systemic change centres on youth political engagement, regenerative cultures, social justice, and intersectionality.

Her bold activism has led her to working with an array of leading NGOs, charities, and grassroots change-makers globally. She has been closely involved with the climate movement Extinction Rebellion since its formative days. Amazingly, Daze was the youngest candidate to stand in the European Parliamentary election in 2019. The Guardian has described her as a ‘ball of energy, conviction and warmth’.


She formally was the Creative Director at Earthrise Studio, Regenerative Culture Coordinator and strategist for Extinction Rebellion UK and a contributor to Sky TV’s environment series.


Currently, She is working as a multifaceted creative consultant, communicator, facilitator and an artist in residence at Phytology. In Daze’s own words, the only way we can prevent environmental catastrophe is by ‘going back to our roots and falling back in love with our land’.

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